UAE announces six-month visa for Golden Residence Scheme

UAE golden residency scheme

The fee for this six-month visa will be 1,150 dirhams, the visa will be extended once.

Mecca: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched the Golden Visa last year to increase investment in the country and increase the number of outsourced, talented, and capable people. Thanks to this, people get permanent residency – they and their families get extraordinary benefits. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has given six months to those who apply for the Golden Residency Scheme. Visa service has started.

According to the authority, the service will facilitate those who have to travel to the UAE several times to complete the process related to the Golden Residency Scheme. The ICA’s website states that the six-month visa fee is set at 1,150 dirhams.

An additional six months can be obtained by extending the visa once. This visa will make it easier for people to complete their documents.

This six-month visa will be issued only to those who apply for the Golden Residence Scheme. The following categories of individuals will be eligible to apply for this half-year visa:

۔ Public investment or real estate investors. Business owners

۔ Doctors and scientists. Various inventors. PhD holders

Athletes Scientists. High school or university students with good academic performance

۔ Engineering and science specialists (infectious diseases and viruses, big data, computers, artificial intelligence, electronics, programming, electrical, genetics, and biotechnology)

This visa must be applied for on the ICA website (

Everyone will have to upload the required documents after entering their data properly. After that, you have to review and make sure that all the data, information, and documents have been registered. Then there will be a process of submitting the visa application fee. If a request is returned for a change or to obtain important information, the applicant will have to re-submit the request by entering the relevant information within thirty days. If the application is not completed and submitted within this specified period, the application will be deemed canceled. If an application is returned three times due to objections, it will be rejected outright and then the application will be re-submitted.

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