UAE launches coronavirus vaccine with Chinese help

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has started manufacturing corona vaccine of Chinese company Cyanoform instead of importing it.

According to the World News Agency, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi launched the first COD 19 vaccine production line in the UAE.

The two foreign ministers took a prototype of the new vaccine at the inaugural ceremony of corona vaccine production in the country and took a commemorative photo before attending the live session directly from the vaccine production site.

The UAE Life Sciences and Vaccine Manufacturing project, a joint venture with China, also includes a G-42 with a sinus form. The G-42 oversaw the third phase of the SinoFarm vaccine trial in the UAE.

The UAE will no longer need to import the corona vaccine after the project. Home-made vaccines will be cheaper than imported vaccines and will not require much effort to keep them safe.

In the United Arab Emirates, China’s Sinofarm, the US’s Pfizer, and Russia’s Sputnik V vaccines have been approved and more than 760,000 citizens have been vaccinated so far.

It should be noted that the number of people infected with Corona in the United Arab Emirates has exceeded 455,000, while the number of deaths from this deadly virus is 1,481, while the new wave has 2,000 new patients on a daily basis.

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