Uzair Baloch acquitted in another case

Uzair Baloch has been acquitted in another case.

The prosecution in the Sindh High Court also failed to prove the case of the attack on Baghdadi police station. Police say the Baghdadi police station was attacked at the behest of Uzair Baloch. The court asked, “How did you find out that Azir Baloch’s gesture was attacked?”

The investigating officer told the court that the locals had told him that Uzair Baloch had carried out the attack. The court further questioned the investigating officer as to whether he had made the locals witnesses. The investigating officer replied that no one from the neighborhood had been called as a witness in the case. A case of assault on Uzair Baloch at Baghdadi police station was registered in 2012. Uzair Baloch has so far been acquitted in 11 cases. The cases from which Uzair Baloch was acquitted include anti-terrorism court cases. Uzair Baloch has been accused of killing about 100 people, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, illegal weapons. Another 47 cases are pending.

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