Victoria Bonya: “I Had To Spend the Night in the Metro for About a Month”

The secular lioness often confesses about her personal life, this time she opened another unknown page from her past

Victoria Bonya today lives in Monaco in luxurious apartments, rests in the best resorts in the world and wears luxury brands. But she never hid the fact that in the past she had to barely make ends meet, walk in the winter cold in a light coat and eat the cheapest food.

On the last day of January, Victoria opened another unknown page from her past. She said that she was once practically homeless and lived in the subway. More precisely, Bonya decided to arrange a comic test for her fans: they had to answer whether certain statements about her life were true. 

One of these questions was just about whether she really was homeless at one of the periods of her life. Almost all the fans, without hesitation, answered: “Yes”. And later Vika confirmed this. “And it’s true,” she wrote. “I had to spend the night in the metro for about a month.” Of course, for those who just subscribed to her page, such a confession was a real shock. Indeed, today, looking at a well-groomed lady, it is difficult to imagine that once everything was different.

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