Vika Bonya Was Robbed: “Even My Personalized Bag with Gold And Silver Threads Is Missing”

The model told what exactly the thieves took out in the amount of a quarter of a million dollars

Victoria Bonya became a victim of a robbery, as reported on her Instagram. As the star said, the thieves were not looking for money or something more valuable, but for … bags that the fashionista Vika had in large quantities. Interestingly, this was far from the first penetration of thieves into her home. The first time they climbed in, Bonnie was not at home either. True, according to the star, then she was partly to blame herself, as she left the balcony open. This time, the model followed all safety rules, but it did not help. The criminals managed to break the door and take out expensive fashion accessories. And these were bags – apparently, they are easier to sell. Victoria has already turned to the police, a criminal case has been opened. contacted Vika to find out the details of what happened. According to the victim, a huge number of items worth about a quarter of a million dollars disappeared from the house.

“The bags were different: from crocodile skin, and just leather, and not only. Even the custom-made personalized bag with gold and silver threads was gone. My name is written on it. She is the only one in the world. A total of a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of bags was stolen, according to the most conservative estimates. Just some cost 30-50 thousand dollars per bag, “- said the star.

Bonya also explained that she was not going to move because of the incident, but now she decided to take the security issue seriously.

“I’ve already set myself an alarm. Has signed a contract with the security service. Plus cameras, plus – sensors, and everything that could be done for security purposes, I have, of course, already installed, ”explained Victoria.

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