Visitors to Kuwait face mandatory isolation for 14 days

A statement from Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation said passengers arriving in Kuwait from countries most affected by the coronavirus would have to be quarantined at local hotels for 14 days at their own expense.

According to Kuwait’s state-run news agency Kona, people coming from countries other than those affected by Corona will have to stay in a local hotel for only seven days at their own expense.

They will then spend another seven days in their homes to complete the 14-day quarantine.

The report clarifies that the ban does not apply to Kuwaiti nationals who are suffering from any disease other than students and travelers under the age of 18. These people will have to spend the first 14 days at home.

In addition, elderly travelers, diplomats from other countries, and medical staff have also been exempted from quarantining at the hotel, but they will also have to stay at home for 14 days after arriving in Kuwait.

The statement said that all passengers arriving in Kuwait must also register in the app ‘Kuwait Passenger’ released by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health before boarding the plane.

It should be noted that 1,718,097 corona tests have been conducted in Kuwait so far. One hundred and eighty-two thousand 460 people were found to be infected with the disease after the corona test.

The death toll from the coronavirus has been recorded at 1,034, while 170,326 patients have recovered in Kuwait.

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