Wasim Akram’s old photo surprised Shaneera

Waseem Akram & Shaneera Akram

Shanira, the wife of legendary cricketer Wasim Akram, was shocked by an old photo of Wasim asking a question in her tweet.

Get to know the background of Shaneera’s tweet before listening to her question.

In fact, Indian presenter and commentator Gotham Bhimani shared a photo with former Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram on the occasion of Holi, calling it his favorite memento.

In the caption, Gautam said the photo was taken during his first meeting with Wasim Akram, when the Indian and Pakistani teams were playing Holi in the pool.

Wasim Akram also retweeted Gautam Bhimani’s tweet and congratulated him on Holi and said that this picture was taken during his 1987 tour of India.
Was taken during

This picture of Wasim Akram also passed through the eyes of Shiniraki who wrote in his tweet while being surprised by this look. “When I checked Twitter this morning, the first thing I saw was a picture of my husband wearing underwear, is this normal? “

In the next tweet, Shanera laughed and wrote, “What’s not common is that I finally came to know about my husband’s picture in my underwear.”

Most of Shanera’s followers enjoyed this tweet and shared laughing emojis in the comments.

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