We did not come to the government to protect the interests of the special class, Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we have not come to the government to protect the interests of any particular class and our priority is to protect the interests of the common man.

The issue of encroachment by the elite was discussed in the meeting of the Federal Cabinet in Islamabad and meanwhile the Prime Minister while endorsing the statement of the Federal Minister for Human Rights Shirin Mazari said that we are not in the government to protect the interests of a particular class. Come on, our government’s priority is to protect the interests of the common man. Mazari said that the way to the polo club has been closed by the Islamabad club, it is not appropriate to close the entrance of the general public in the polo club adjacent to the sports complex. The Prime Minister also directed the Cabinet Secretary to remove the encroachments of the Islamabad Club.

The cabinet meeting reviewed the political, economic, and Corona situation in the country. Frontline medical staff were briefed on the progress of the vaccination while there was a lengthy debate on the Senate election.

According to sources, the ministers said that PPP leader Yousuf Raza Gilani has already been disqualified and has been convicted. A candidate who has already been convicted came against Hafeez Sheikh. The meeting tasked ministers with ensuring Abdul Hafeez Sheikh’s victory and suggested that every member of the government contact members of the opposition for a vote. Sources said that each minister took the responsibility of soliciting votes on the basis of relations.

Speaking at the meeting, PM Imran Khan said that the ministers should be active for the government candidates till the Senate elections and remain in touch with the members of the National and Provincial Assemblies. I am waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the open ballot. I want the money not to run in the Senate election. Those who oppose the open ballot will cry after the election and we will win by a majority.

The meeting also approved giving disparity reduction allowance to federal employees, deployment of Rangers in NA-221 Tharparkar by-elections, the formation of Board of Revenue under Civil Aviation Rules, reconstitution of Board of Governors of Pakistan Institute of Management. The Cabinet approved the construction of an office of the Federal Services Tribunal on the land of Artillery Area President Karachi, while approval for the appointment of MD of NTDC was delayed.

Rich countries should announce debt relief for poor countries, says PM

Addressing a meeting of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the world was facing many challenges in tackling Corona. Agriculture is a basic requirement for human survival. The global population will soon reach 8 billion, 20 countries are suffering from malnutrition, 100 million children are suffering from malnutrition. Rich countries should announce concessions and soften loans for poor countries. If you want to eradicate poverty and hunger from the world, we must move forward together. Developing and poor countries need 3 4.3 trillion to deal with Corona, either we will end up together or we will be able to overcome the challenges together.

The Prime Minister said that the decline in capital and employment is reducing the opportunities for industry and trade, we need revolutionary measures for our future. Farmers cannot be left at the mercy of profiteers, the use of modern technology to increase agricultural production is essential, steps will have to be taken to provide internet and broadband facilities to rural areas. The agricultural sector in Pakistan has faced two major challenges. The C-Pack has also included the task of bringing innovation into the agricultural sector.

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