What are two easy ways to remember what you have learned?

Most people are unaware that it is important to pay attention to remember what we learn, not just to get information.

According to a report in Al-Rajal magazine on memory, if we look at something we have already learned for a while, we can remember it. When we don’t think about it, our information slowly begins to run out.

There are two ways to remember something that will help you remember what you have learned.

Keep reviewing information from time to time

The best way to remember long-term information is to review it from time to time, repeat it, and read it over time.

For example, when you read a book and enjoy its information, instead of keeping it out of your reach, keep it close to you once a month or once every three months, or after six months. Keep reading. The more you watch it, the fresher the information will be in your mind.

With this process, you will not forget this information but you will be able to remember it even after a long time when you need it.

Fifty Fifty Principle

The second best way to memorize information is to follow the Fifty Fifty principle.

This means that you have to do two parts of your learning process, get new information in half the time, repeat the old information in the other half, this will save you from amnesia.

For example, instead of reading a book in its entirety, read half the book and share it with others or try to write your own idea.

This method is very effective, if you want to remember the information then adopt it.

It is said that the human intellect is like rubber, the more it is stretched, the more it grows. It also protects and enhances stored information.

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