What could be outcome of impeachment proceedings of US former president?

Former US President Donald Trump’s second impeachment hearing is set to take place in the Senate today (Tuesday). He has been accused of inciting his supporters to violence.

The Democratic Party believes there is enough evidence against Trump, while lawyers defending the former president say the protesters attacked Capitol Hill on their own, not at the instigation of anyone. Members of the Senate have agreed on a way to deal with the situation as soon as possible.

Last month, Trump became the first US president to be indicted for the second time by Congress for misconduct.

Democrats and some Republicans in Congress, with a majority vote, blamed Trump for the violence on Capitol Hill and accused him of inciting his supporters to violence.

The article said Trump made baseless allegations of electoral fraud and persuaded his supporters on January 6 to attack Congress. Trump denies the allegations.

The impeachment proceedings will now take place in the Senate, where members will decide whether Trump is found guilty. This is the first time in US history that a former president has been impeached since his term ended.

If the impeachment motion is passed by the Senate, Trump will never be able to run for the US presidency again, meaning he will be disqualified for the presidency.

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