What to do if you lose your sense of smell and taste?

The sense of smell comes to a person when it is taken away from him before most people are unaware of its importance. Decreased sense of smell also affects our ability to taste. When this disorder occurs, a person has great difficulty in tasting and smelling something.

bbcwntoday.com presents Dr. Saba Jarrar, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, with tips on the causes and treatment of loss of smell and taste:

Reasons for loss of sense of smell and taste

There are many causes for loss of sense of smell and taste, sometimes temporary and sometimes temporary, the most notable of which are:

Infections in the nose and upper respiratory tract such as colds and flu.

Sensitivity of the nasal skin can cause loss of sense of smell, but is usually temporary.

Severe and recurrent infections in the airbags.

Removal of the nasal passages.

The presence of polyps or tumors inside the nose.

Sometimes nerve problems can be the cause of loss of sense of taste and energy, as well as some other diseases that can affect them, such as kidney disease, liver disease, as well as some drugs that Can have negative effects, it can also reduce the sense of taste and smell, with the coronavirus or Covid 19 can not be forgotten, it can also be a major cause.

Treatment for loss of sense of smell and taste

The treatment of odor and taste loss depends on the cause, and if the cause is related to the nose, such as allergies and infections, it is treated with cortisone spray or nasal wash to improve the sense of smell I help
If there is a problem in the nasal passages or if there is an increase in excess flesh, etc., the treatment is surgery. But if the cause is connected to the voluntary nerve or the brain, it is treated with cortisone.
According to scientific research, the disease cannot be cured if one is born without the ability to smell.

Disadvantages of loss of sense of smell and taste

People with this disease are less interested in food, which can lead to malnutrition and weight loss.

Such people should make sure that their homes have smoke alarms that alert them to smoke, as well as be careful when storing food and using natural gas. Because they won’t know about bad food and gas leaks.

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