When will the show end?

I had heard the saying of uprooting the dead, but it is coming true on the issue of the broadsheet.
In 2000, the then-military government struck a dubious deal with a fresh and dubious company to disclose the overseas assets of politicians and government officials.
On the contrary, the former prime minister was sent out under an agreement and the agreement was canceled without fulfilling the legal requirements. Then, when the trial began, a fake person was paid in 2008.

Now, in 2021, the nation has come to know that a man took billions of rupees from Pakistan which did not even exist at the time of the original agreement. Now the statements of the same suspect are being used by the government and the opposition against each other and he is also very cleverly providing material to the liking of both.
After taking billions of rupees, it is now offering more deals and many of our seemingly responsible people are also taking these offers seriously. A commission has also been announced, which has been the subject of much controversy.
There are many questions and many lessons for us in this whole matter if we want to consider. Every ten to twenty years we start a spectacle of accountability.
There are loud claims, billions of dollars of dreams, prisons are filled, politics and politicians are cursed and guns of ruthless accountability are sung. But then in a year or two, forgetting everything, the politicians are dealt with again and the vehicle of accountability is put on a slow track. Until a decade and a half passes and old cases come out, along with the news of a new deal.
If the Broadsheet case had not come up, we would not have realized that in the year 2000, the elders were in charge of accountability as they are in 2020.

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