Woke Up and Arrived: Stars Who Adore Slip Dresses

No, this is not a nightgown, but a trendy trend

Slip dresses, which many mistakenly confuse with nightgowns, will probably never go out of style. It is also difficult to find a more feminine style of dress. The stars agree with this statement, and among them, there are real fans of combinations. Who are they and what models they prefer – we decided to figure it out.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

The singer simply adores classic combinations, most often the artist chooses light dresses that are ideally combined with her fair skin and hair, without weighing down the image. Natalya chooses “combo” for a photo session, going out, and does not forget to take on vacation – you need to shine in any situation.


The TV presenter can also be attributed to fans of silk dresses. However, unlike Ionova, Aurora mixes styles: a star can come out in a feminine look with pumps, or wear a combination over a T-shirt and complement the image with a choker – just like in the distant 90s. We admit we are delighted with Aurora’s ideas!

Laysan Utyasheva

As a former athlete, Utyasheva can boast of just an amazing figure, which is a sin not to emphasize, with which silk combinations do an excellent job. And yet the girl is not limited only to silk products – in the star’s wardrobe there are combinations of a variety of, but at the same time, light materials, and the TV presenter selects the most relevant styles, for example, with an original decor in the form of non-trivial fringe.

Alena Vodonaeva

The star knows exactly how to emphasize her sexuality – there is nothing better than a combination in this case, and we have already talked about this. Vodonaeva perfectly combines several styles, for example, feminine classics, and slightly “weighs” her down with a leather jacket. Frankly, this combination can be called one of the most successful, since these two styles practically do not come into conflict.

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