Yumna Zaidi’s reaction on objection of drama ‘Dil Naamid To Nahi’

Recently, Channel TV One has started airing the drama serial ‘Dil Naamid To Nahi’ which was well received by the viewers, but PEMRA has some objections on this drama.

PEMRA has directed TV One to bring its content in line with PEMRA’s code of conduct within five days. The drama deals with human trafficking and child sexual abuse while Yemeni Zaidi has a body The seller has played the role of a girl.

In an interview given to BBC Urdu, actress Yemeni Zaidi has spoken about the content of the play and the notice issued on it.

Yemeni Zaidi says that the heart of despair is not only her story but also two more tracks that are very important. There have been notices on my projects in the last few years and I never make a statement on it. But the heart is not disappointed, it is a very special project and the aspects discussed are very important. We should talk about them, we should think about them.

Referring to the PEMRA notice, she said, “I do not understand how PEMRA issued the notice on the material. I do not understand the point that the problems in our villages, government schools, streets, if any, If we don’t talk about them, we will just watch the news and the real news will be that it happened to a boy or a girl.

Yemenis say that if they are being forced to think about something, if they have created content, at least it should be allowed to air, Pakistani industry already has very few resources on it if we as an industry do anything If you want to do it, let it be broadcast.

“People who object to it also have families, children, a thousand kinds of problems, how can you leave it?” He said.

The actress said that we can’t just make plays for mother-in-law, we also make romance, so when a lot of things are given space, it should also be given a small space.

He said that he was not happy with the notice of PEMRA, I mostly saw that people were supporting it and they were opposing the notice of PEMRA. They should reconsider why they issued the notice.

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