Zoya Nasir’s engagement to German V-Logger

Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir announced her engagement to German vlogger Kirsten Batzman on Friday night by sharing photos on the social media platform Instagram. German batsmen have recently converted to Islam and have been in the news for a long time.

Actresses Zoya Nasir and Kirsten Batzman shared the news with their fans through their Instagram accounts.

Actress Zoya Nasir shared her engagement photos and wrote, “She asked and I said yes. Thank you for supporting me in difficult times and for telling me the true meaning of happiness.”

The actress shared photos of her engagement after which fans expressed their best wishes for a happy life for both of them.

German vlogger Kirsten Batzman also shared photos on her account and wrote, “And he did, it’s the best day of my life.”

Fans, as well as personalities from the Pakistani showbiz industry, have sent congratulatory messages to Zoya.

Kirsten Batesman is a German v. Lager who announced her conversion to Islam on February 5 via an Instagram post.

“During my one year in Pakistan, I met many good people and had the opportunity to see Islam up close,” he wrote in his post.

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